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Left Behind - CT3DM5

CT3DM5 was my entry for the Maverickservers Quake 3 Mapping competition #2 where it won 3rd place out of 11 entries. The map uses the theme of a long abandoned strogg facility crafted into the surrounding rocks. For the textures I made use of evillair's classic eQ2 texture set to give the map an authentic Quake II look and feel. Throughout the making of the level I was concerned if the rather old and low resolution textures would let me achieve a visually satisfying result but in the end I am glad how it turned out. Within the frame of the competition the map was created in 8 weeks, including developing the layout as well as detailing it and optimizing it. The map, made for 2on2 Team Deathmatch, features all weapons besides the BFG and one Quad Damage, one Red Armor, two Yellow Armors and one Green Armor as the major item pickups. Layout wise, it consists of 4 artriums connected with multiple pathways for a good game flow. Long line of sights and plenty of vertical elements allow for clever positioning and tactical fights.

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