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Left Behind

Left Behind was my entry for the Maverickservers Quake 3 Mapping competition #2 where it won 3rd place out of 12 entries. The level was eventually added to QuakeLive as a part of the Strogg map pack in the QuakeLive Premium Pack #15. To fit the other maps of the strogg pack, The Edge and Warehouse, Left Behind deploys the same strogg texture theme giving it a Quake II or Quake IV kind of atmosphere. The level was constructed for 2on2 Team Deathmatch and features a compact 4 room layout holding all wepons minus the BFG, one Megahealth, two Yello Armors, one Green Armor and a Red Armor. As a part of the competition, this map was constructed within 10 weeks while the retexturing took another few days.

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