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Campgrounds Mood

Campgrounds (also known as q3dm6) has always been one of my favorite Quake 3 maps. The fairly open map offers a great flow and plenty of vertical variety which makes it one of the most played maps in multiple game modes.
So why am I remaking it? Simply, because I wanted to test the texture set I made for the Maverickservers Mapping competition #3. The remake has a fairly bright, blueish theme with contrasting dark shadows dropped by the light, slowly moving skybox. I rebuilt the map out of my head, which is why there are some differences compared to the original regarding the geometry scale. Besides that, I have applied some changes to the item layout and the geometry that I think could improve the experience the map offers in duel. I most likely wont release this level as I don't even have permission to do so but I might start a discussion about my ideas on esreality. Last but not least, a comparison shot with the same area as shown in the screenshots above but on the original q3dm6.